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values cannot be taught, they can only be exemplified
(Viktor Frankl, Neurologist and Psychologist)

Consulting Overview

      Marion Krämer




      1986 Abitur (highest degree in Germany)


      1986 - 1988 Law (Universität Heidelberg)
      1988 - 1993 Economics | Diplom Betriebswirt (similar to Master degree)
      Subjects: Marketing/HR (Psychology) with Law and IT
      (University, Ludwigshafen)

      Further Education:

      Certified Systemic Tool Coach
      Cooperate Social Responsibility Manager (from March 2020)
      Sustainable Business Transformation Manager

      Der Mittestand. BVMW

      Experience overview:

      - 27 years of international leading experience
      - 17 years of experience in change management, Human Resources management, employer branding, internal coordination, process optimization and workflow management, development, recruiting
      - Building and leading of national and international organisations as HR Director
      - Strategic leadership as Board Member
      - Evaluation and implementation of HR systems and software


      - Advertising (Communication/Marketing/Press/Media)
      - Telecommunication/IT (international brands)
      - Consulting
      - Digital textile printing
      - Printing industry


      Change Management Leadership, Human Resources Development, organisational structure, part of Board, Merge of organisations, implementation of performance software, change process to digitalisation and automation, Cooperation with work council, internal law affairs, Coperate Social Responsibility (CSR), facility management


      British Telecom ltd., Viag Interkom GmbH, COLT Telecom ltd., RSL Com GmbH, Ogilvy & Mather, Kornit Digital GmbH, Kyocera Document Solutions GmbH 

      Customer Voices:

      Good Afternoon Marion,

      Thank you Marion, from both a professional and personal basis! You made a very positive difference!
      It was a pleasure to work with you ma’am!


      COO eines Logistic Unternehmens


      my portfolio

      my portfolio

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
      Strategic Human Resources Consulting
      Interims Human Resource Management
      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

      Range of Services:

      • Conceptual Cooperation with Human Resources Department
      • Elaboration of Coperate Social Responsibility (sustainability) relevant Human Resources issues
      • Support and Implementation
      • Definition of Employer Branding Concept and Cultural Impact

      Suitable for:

      • Companies and their Human Resources Department with need of support in of Coperate Social Responsibility Concept or Sustainability Concept
      • All Executives in any company 
      Strategic Human Resources Consulting

      Range of Services:

      • Support for strategic tasks within the Human Resource Department,
      • Change Management Projects,
      • Optimization of Structure and workflow,
      • support on Merge & Aquisition,
      • close cooperation with Managing Director and/or Director/Manager Human Resources (also on site),
      • implementation,control and reflection

      Suitable for:

      • Companies with highly operational Human Resources Department,
      • Companies with lack of strategic skills in the Human Resources Department,
      • Companies with activities in Merge and Aquisition who need support in professional merge of responsibilities
      Interims Human Resource Management

      Range of Services:

      • Takeover of HR management tasks as freelancer
      • Defined projects and timescale
      • Defined area of responsibility
      • Handover to internal managers after successful implementation
      • Project control with conceptual background and documentation

      Suitabel for:

      • Companies with temporary need for senior human resources management
      • Companies with lack of resources in HR department and/or need for strategic professional fast help

      Range of Services:

      • Career advice
      • Conflict counselling
      • Motivation consulting
      • Suburb or in own rooms
      • Contractors: Companies or private individuals
      • Individuals or groups
      • System coaching

      Passend für

      • Executives with a desire for external neutral advice
      • Managers who want to re-establish their team
      • Managers who are new in their role
      • Companies with the desire to promote managers and teams

      get in touch

      get in touch

      Bruchstrasse 13, 50769 Köln
      Feel free to drop me a line

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